Alejandra Anderson | Williams Direct Dryers – Case Study
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Williams Direct Dryers – Case Study


Williams Direct Dryers manufactures over 50 different dryer styles and sell worldwide. Some of their dryers such as boot dryers, boxing glove or wader dryers were the first machines in the world to accomplish these tasks. The United States, Canadian militaries and Fire Services are large clients as well as the Food Service Industry. They are in many private residences and are the dryer of choice for numerous mountain operations.


New american and Canadian food regulations had emerged in the Food Service Industry. This was a perfect time for Williams Direct to showcase the unique certified commercial boot dryers to avoid cross contamination.



williams direct dryers

williams direct dryers




The results are always a collaborative effort. My personal involvement was as following:

Web Design
Responsive Development


Williams Direct Dryers was eager to get a temporary landing page up to let the Food Service Industry know about their highly durable and certified bootdryers. However they where also unhappy with their current brand and marketing strategy. Therefore we took the task to organize all of their content, clarify their positioning in the market and set a new course for their new brand. Once the logo and moodboard was approved we defined the goals for this site and created targeted content that will clearly state who they are and what they have to offer. Soon Williams Direct Dryers will have only two sites rather than 10 to showcase their products to all their different vertical markets. What we did for this temporary one site:

  • Clarified their core mission and vision.
  • New logo, branding and market positioning.
  • Targeted new web copy.
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Development


“After a careful review of alternatives Williams Direct Dryers entrusted Alejandra Anderson to complete a number of initiatives. The first was the development of a logo and on line branding review. Alejandra took the lead and presented WDD’s management group with several branding options. The chosen style was then put to the test with her team in the development of a one page web site. This new site showcases our newest product for the food services industry. Both Williams and its distributors were extremely impressed with the quality and richness of design. The way the web site is presented, edited and organized presents Williams Direct Dryers newest product in a modern, relevant format. We are extremely pleased with the results.
We are looking forward to our next project; already underway!” Desmond Mayne

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