Alejandra Anderson | Alejandra Anderson - Digital Art Director
Alejandra Anderson is and award winning digital designer from Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
Digital Art Director, Web Designer from Vancouver, B.C. Canada
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My vision is to make yours happen.


Building experiences and long-lasting relationships.

Mike Taylor

Graphic Designer, Kimbo Design

“I had the opportunity to work with Alejandra for about a year on numerous projects at KIMBO Design. She is a very talented and ambitious designer, always striving to push our work to be the best version it could possibly be. She is very good at problem-solving and her ability to look at things from different perspectives proved to be tremendously valuable.
What impressed me the most about working with Alejandra is her personality and relationship skills. She is excellent with interacting with clients and making them feel valued and special. Where she excels though is managing the relationships within the workspace to make sure the office is a engaging and rewarding place to be. She goes the extra step to make sure the team is working together while feeling and working at its best, which translates into better results for the projects. She is constantly thinking of ways to improve herself, the workplace, and the team and she approaches this is a very positive and constructive manner. It was very rewarding to get the chance to work with someone like that”

Desmond Mayes

Managing Director of Williams Direct Dryers

“After a careful review of alternatives Williams Direct Dryers entrusted Alejandra to complete a number of initiatives. The first was the development of a logo and on line branding review. Alejandra took the lead and presented WDD’s management group with several branding options. The chosen style was then put to the test with her team in the development of a one page web site. This new site showcases our newest product for the food services industry. Both Williams and its distributors were extremely impressed with the quality and richness of design. The way the web site is presented, edited and organized presents Williams Direct Dryers newest product in a modern, relevant format. We are extremely pleased with the results.

We are looking forward to our next project with Beyond Media; already underway!”

Child MaCDonald

Co-Founder, Child of Mine

“Alejandra provides a world class web experience with an up close and personal feel. She has great passion and investment in her projects. She was vigilant in making sure the site was done exactly as we wanted it. Thank you so much Alejandra for your passion to Child of Mine.”

Ajay Hans

Founder and CEO, Mobetize, Inc.

“It is an absolute pleasure working with Alejandra. I enjoy her enthusiasm, attention to detail and creative passion for her work. She continued support and efficiency around our entire branding and website strategy. She added significant value to our internal team and processes.”

Dawn Kirby

Manager Marketing, Uniserve

“Working with Alejandra was an amazing experience. Right from the start she was fast and responsive. She listened to what we wanted and always delivered, on time, high quality work. She made what we expected to be a long and arduous task, simple, straight forward and fast. We couldn’t have been happier.”