Jammer Cafe

A unique shop design that uses a hybrid concept, combining a specialty coffee shop, full restaurant and brewery tasting room, a mechanic shop with retail area.

Jammer Cafe Logo



Problem: Convince investors about the vision and future of Jammer cafe when the owner only has a business document and the cafe’s concept in his mind.

Solution: Create a website to help investors visualize Jammers’ idea and future 



Logo Design, Photo Editor, Site Architecture, Web Design, Squarespace Development

Timeline and Limitations

Phase 1 of the project had to be done in month. With a limited budget I opted to use squarespace to reduce programming costs.


Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Squarespace


After reading all of the materials the client had and having some good conversations with the owner to understanding the brand’s positioning and the message, I put together a mood board to show him the look and feel Jammer Cafe could have based on his audience.

GSS logo ideas

Photo Comp

Once approved, I created a composition of what the cafe could look and feel like, combining these three photos

Jammer XD

From Concept

To Reality

The website quickly help them secure investors to make their vision come to life