Lead brand and ui designer for one of the largest and most respected distributors of prepaid products in the United States. 


The aim of the rebranding was to create unified brand for Global Service Solutions and its sub-brands. I also needed to reinforce the strong ATT relationships that GSS have as being one of two companies providing this unique service.


Logo Design, Sub Branding, Illustrator, Site Architecture, Web Design, Squarespace Development

Timeline and Limitations

The project had to be done in two months. With a limited budget I opted to use squarespace to reduce programming costs.


Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Squarespace


Old Logo

One of the limitations I had as a designer for their new logo was that the client really wanted to continue with the globe idea. Therefore I gathered some images that would reflect the globe and digital pre-paid service and started to sketch some ideas. Then I quickly passed them into illustrator and presented some black and white options.

GSS logo ideas

Some of the logos presented

Chosen Logo


Logo – Golden Ratio

After three rounds, once the logo was selected, I needed to make sure I balanced every part of the logo, add colour and continue the same look and feel with the illustrations, the sub-brands and the business cards