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Hi there! I am

Alejandra Anderson

If you also would like to make this world a better place, I would love to hear from you!

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My Background

I am originally from Mexico but have been in Canada most of my life. I love dancing, playing beach volleyball, helping others and the challenges that innovation brings.

For the past 4 years I have been freelancing so that I could spend more time with my daughter. Doing this has allowed me to learn a wide variety of areas like: branding, print, digital design and marketing. However, my focus now is to be part of a great team working full time in UX / UI Design.


Latest Education

I recently graduated from the User Experience Design Bootcamp at BrainStation. The program was incredible as every week we were ideating and doing sprints to solve various problems like the problem of food waste, the lack of financial education for children and even designing an app to help first year international students feel more welcome. One of the things I enjoyed the most is how much they push you to get out of your comfort zone, grow and face new challenges.

Other Experience

In my last job I was the Assistant Creative Director for a small agency of 6. There, I was the fist point of contact for all of the clients and managed million dollar campaigns. I was in charge of design and delivery of the digital assets. What I really liked about that experience was to see the positive impact our work had on our client’s business and the ability to unite our team so that we could all be excited about delivering our best work!



What Drives me? My story

At the age of 17 I jumped into my mom’s Friends car with one suitcase and came to Canada to learn English. 3 days later I met a wonderful Canadian man to whom I have been married now for 22 years. Unfortunately I had also brought with me very bad habits which came from the broken and abusive family I grew up with. In my twenties I remember feeling stuck working at a retail store, without any real parental guidance or money so I pushed my husband to co-sign a bank loan with me so that I could go to school. With that I took a small 6 month program at UBC and I was able to build a career that I love! I wish my career would have been great from the beginning, however, my insecurities and lack of self confidence quickly suffice as a young designer. After losing my first job I was very sad and resentful. One morning I woke up and realized I was becoming an old grumpy woman! NEVER! I said to myself and that morning I decided to find out how to re-frame my mind and learn to believe in myself. Since then, 15 years ago, I have been working not only in my design skills but in how to be a better person for others. How to be better for my daughter and for those people that may now need a hand and guidance like I needed back then. I now feel blessed with the life I have, my family and the wonderful people that I have worked with along the way. This is why I love being a designer, because it not only allowed me to create beautiful things but it gave me the opportunity to better understand others and help them in their own life and business journeys!!  ❤️ 😃