Hi! I am Alejandra,

I am a UX designer and strategist from Vancouver, B.C.

I draw from over ten years of creative direction to design beautiful, valuable and intuitive digital experiences.

  • Thanks to my background in branding, marketing and advertising working as an assistant creative director, I can balance business strategy with research insights to generate unique solutions for the clients’ digital needs
  • As soon as I start, I can hit the ground running
  • I facilitate the communication for stakeholders, PMs, engineers, and designers
  • I am passionate about learning and facing new challenges
  • I am easy to work with and have a growth mindset. See LinkedIn recommendations
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UX Strategy

At my current work with BC Marine Trails, I collaborate closely with stakeholders, engineers and the product manager to define metrics of success for their new app and website.

I use qualitative data like interviewing stakeholders, first nation liaisons and experienced kayakers to inform my design decisions. Then I identify and communicate key findings to the wider company with the purpose of helping solve higher-level company problems.

In collaboration with stakeholders I will be defining, prototyping and testing the new features for their new app and website.


Brain Station


Last Summer I graduated from the UX design diploma at BrainStation. The program was incredible as every week we were ideating and doing sprints to solve various problems like the problem of food waste or the lack of financial education for children. My team won the Erbst & Young 3 day sprint among 121 students! 

One of the things I enjoyed the most is how much they push you to get out of your comfort zone, grow and face new challenges.


Branding Workshop


I truly enjoy helping others grow. This is why I volunteered with Servant Partners, at the Strathcona Artisan Market, conducting a branding workshop for the vendors.

Every year they set up a free Artisan Market in Vancouver’s Eastside neighbourhood to showcases and empower local talent.

This time they decided to add business branding and strategy workshops. I was approached by them to facilitate one of this workshops: The title of my workshop was: “How to find your unique brand positioning”.